Birthplace of Freedom, Fledgling Democracy of the Inner Sea

“The days of kings are long gone. We are the future of humanity, and of all peoples. Ruled by no crown or scepter, we instead rule ourselves.”
—Captain Colson Mardris, Eagle Knight of Andoran

From humble beginnings as loggers and merchants, the Andorens proved themselves survivors on a hard frontier. Even before they won their independence they were an impressive people. Brave explorers and canny merchants, they were the first to sail the sea beyond the Arch of Aroden. They settled distant colonies, hewing a life from wild lands and an inhospitable coastline fraught with peril. The power of Old Taldor’s navy rested on the shoulders of capable Andoren commanders whose skill at arms, fiery tenacity, and naval puissance was unrivaled in the empire’s glory day.

Andoran shrugged off the auspices of Old Taldor when Qadira invaded the empire. Shortly thereafter they shattered Cheliax’s diabolic chains. Now Andoran holds the reins of its own destiny in the strong hands of its people. They are the first government of the Inner Sea to entrust its power to its own citizens instead of dolloping it upon the crowned brow of a king. Their weapons are innovation, a stubborn dedication to idealism, and a firm belief in the potential of humanity. The Andorens are a hard people, dedicated to freedom for all, and unable to sit by and watch as the world around them submits to savagery and tyranny.

Goals: Common Rule for All

Andoran would see the tyrannic empires who once ruled them brought down. They would see slavery abolished and those who would buy and sell people punished in the extreme. They would bring the torch of freedom to the world’s darkest places and banish mysticism, diabolism, and fear. Common Rule must be spread across each horizon.

Methodology: Light the Fires of Freedom

“Our greatest weapon is the tyranny of our enemies.”
—Captain Colson Maldris, Eagle Knight of Andoran

The Andoran faction attacks its enemies from within. They find dissidents, freedom fighters, and revolutionaries among the populations of their foes and offer them covert aid, equipment, intelligence and the funds they need to topple the tyrants. Missions assigned to Andoran faction members tend toward helping dissident groups within the other factions, though anything that shakes these tyrants’ power is a worthy cause for an Andoren to lend himself to.

Faction Leader: Captain Colson Maldris

The Eagle Knights of Andoran are champions of freedom. Icons of their national pride, these brave warriors have given their lives in battle against devils and monsters for decades. Colson Maldris would much rather be out in the field, his greatsword drenched in the blood of tyrants and slavers, but his order has another use for him.

As a member of the mystery-shrouded Grey Corsairs, Maldris served bravely aboard the warship Trident, sending twenty three slaver ships to the bottom of the Inner Sea and slaying the mangy gnoll slavelord Pasha Palrathgra in personal combat upon the bloody deck of his pleasure frigate. Maldris was the youngest to wear the golden eagle upon his shoulders. His lauds and victories far outshine many of his senior Eagle Knights, and this may be why he was reassigned to Absalom. Rumors that his rising star has ruffled the feathers of fellow Eagles abound, and they have sent him into a den of knives to be torn to shreds by deadly adversaries.

Whatever the reason, Maldris has been assigned as Andoran’s Special Attache to the Grand Council of Absalom. His true duties in the city are to acquire assets and agents in the ongoing shadow war between the five greatest nations of the Inner Sea. Five men and women orchestrate a covert conflict over whose hand will guide Absalom’s political and economic destiny in the coming age, and Maldris is Andoran’s chosen general. His courage and patriotism are without question, but more than a few wonder if this young commander isn’t a little out of his depth in a city whose murky politics can quickly drain an eager man’s soul.

Andoren Pathfinders

Andorens are particularly suited to the life of a Pathfinder. Natural explorers, with the bravery to face ominous frontiers of mystery and danger, these sons and daughters of freedom are perfect candidates for membership in the world’s most elite adventuring society.

Pathfinders not raised in Andoran yet still loyal to the Andoran faction in Absalom typically support the fledgling democracy’s values of freedom and the destruction of tyranny. Regardless of where they came from, non-Andorens in service to Andoran generally hold these ideals above all others.

To learn more about Andoran, read the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting hardcover and the Pathfinder Chronicles Guide to Darkmoon Vale or play in or read any of the following Pathfinder Modules: D1: Crown of the Kobold King, E1: Carnival of Tears, D0: Hollow’s Last Hope (available as a free download), D1.5: Revenge of the Kobold King (available as a free download), and LB1: Tower of the Last Baron.


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