Increase Meadows

Paladin of Erastil, Eagle Knight of Andoran

STR: 17     Weapon: Glaive (+5 to hit, 1d10+4 damage, reach)
DEX: 11     Weapon: Longsword (held with both hands) (+5 to hit, 1d8+4 damage)
CON: 15     Weapon: Dagger (+5 to hit, 1d4 +3 damage)
INT: 13
WIS: 15     Armor: Scale Mail (+5 AC)
CHA: 19
HP:  28     Feats:
AC:  15       (1st) Power Attack
FRT: +9       (Human) Cleave
RFX: +4
WIL: +9

[More to Come]


“I still see him riding old Katy Horse up the Ridge Road, with his golden auburn hair flowing, and I hear him saying, ‘This is a free life, not crowded…’”

Increase was born into a large and rapidly growing family on the Northern frontiers of Andoran, the seventh of what would become thirteen children (counting only those who survived their first year). His father Micah valued liberty, dignity, and independence above all else, holding the unhurried, relatively secluded life of his frontier homestead to be the best of all possible ways to live. This love of the frontier was transmitted to Increase in full, if not to his elder brothers, who dreamt always of the cities with their fast pace and golden opportunities. His early childhood was spent helping his father and brothers with everyday tasks on the homestead.

The homestead was very prosperous, and there was always a lot of free time for a middle son. He would often spend time in town, marveling at the complexity and bustle of the frontier community, or range out over the hills for days at a time. Once when he was ten, caught out in a freezing winter rain, Increase slipped on some muddy rocks and badly broke his left arm in two places. Feeling dizzy with pain, exhaustion, and hypothermia, he managed to drag himself under a cliff ledge to get out of the wind and rain. Unable to use his left hand, he had no chance of starting a fire, and he slipped off into a red-hazed slumber, from which (having been raised on the frontier and knowing full well the hard facts of life) he didn’t really expect to awake.

But he did: by fortune or the hand of Providence, a traveling holy man of Erastil also took shelter under that outcropping, and healed Increase’s mangled limb and kept him warm with benign magic. When Increase awoke, the rain was turning to sleet and hail. By the time it became a heavy snow, he and the holy man, Malbeth, were deep in conversation. Increase was awed by the serenity and power present in Malbeth, and deeply impressed by his lifestyle. Malbeth travelled the land, aiding those in need and healing not only people, but communities as well. By the time the storm had passed, Increase had no doubts about his calling in life. Perhaps it was clear that he meant to strike out from home immediately to join the clergy, because Malbeth’s emphatic parting words were, “Don’t be too anxious to leave home; remember…

_”…The first gift you ever receive is your family."_

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Appendix A: Siblings

Micah’s children by Amabel nee Post:
1) Opportunity (M)
2) Diligence (M)
-) Progress (M) (Deceased, fever, 10 months)
3) Charity (F)
-) Unnamed (M) (Stillborn)
-) Grace (F) (Deceased, exposure, 2 months)
4) Faith (F)
5) Glory (F)
6) Perseverance (M) (Deceased, infection, 6 yrs)
7) Increase
8) Integrity (M)
-) Unnamed (F) (Perished along with Amabel in childbirth)

Micah’s children by Charlotte nee Pate:
-) Cornelius (M) (Deceased, unknown, 1 day)
1) Reginald (M)
-) Ophelia (F) (Stillborn)
2) Francesca (F)
3) Cecil (M)
4) Caecilia (F) (Deceased, snakebite, 3 yrs)
5) Lucius (M)

Increase Meadows

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