Ambrus Valsin

Steward of the Grand Lodge, Voice of the Decemvirate


LN Male Human Rogue 4/Sorcerer 6

This venture-captain controls all the goings-on inside the lodge at the behest of the Decemvirate, serving as the chamberlain or steward for the Grand Lodge. Meticulous with details and annoyed by inefficiency, he makes a point to supervise all important duties within the Grand Lodge, and keeps a long list of realtively safe but time-consuming jobs on file, ready to hand out to rookie Pathfinders to keep them busy and out of the way of more experienced agents. Because very few novice Pathfinders escape his attention, he is disliked by almost everyone who is new to the Society – though those who have been around a few years realize his assignments also help these rookies test their new training in the field without significant risk of death.

Tall and meticulously groomed, Ambrus doesn’t appreciate backtalk and reserves particularly strenuous assignments for those who annoy him.

Ambrus Valsin

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