Eliza Petulengro


N Female Human Wizard 9

Absalom’s newest venture-captain, Eliza Petulengro hails from war-torn Galt. Though she escaped the madness there as a child, she’s a firebrand at heart, and longs to return to the country of her birth and help restore the lodge at Woddsedge to its former glory. For the time being, however, she understand that her talents are better suited to helping with the Grand Lodge’s administration, in particular managing its legion of librarians and making sure the various tomes and reports acquired by the Societ can be quickly located.

Eliza is a talented diviner with a photographic memory for text, names, and faces. Soft-spoken and polite, she has a pleasant habit of calling initiates by name even after meeting them only once. Though she appears bookish, this is just a facade to deter suitors and keep her affairs private; lodge gossip has it that she is actually courting another venture-captain to be her spouse, as well as a partner willing to venture back into Galt and help rebuild Woodsedge.

Eliza Petulengro

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