Declan Dreng

An aging Taldan Venture-Captain who probes the secrets of the streets of Absalom


NG Male Human Rogue 8


Gray-haired and unkempt, Dreng’s days as an Absalom venture-captain may be nearing an end. Though the mincing Taldan still holds a fair amount of fight in him, his belly now creeps over his belt, and his fingers and joints swell with gout. Still, he keeps his humor and enthusiasm at the forefront of his work, and behind milky, half-closed eyes his mind is still faster than most, and contains hidden truths about the city’s most important people that even they’ve forgotten. Dreng typically handles those assignments concerning Absalom’s history and its secrets. spending at least 1 day each week wandering the marketpplaces of the city disguised (barely) as a blind and decrepit beggar. When asked why such a powerful and respected person should choose to psend his time among the city’s filth, he responds only that tongues are looser around the poor, and a beggar needs no magic to make himself invisible.

Declan Dreng

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