Pathfinder Chronicles: Heroes of the Mists

Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible

Wherein Grimgor, Tikki and Jonas bring justice to a bandit lord and slay some of the last scions of the Order of the Tiger's Eye

Jonas Blacktooth missed being on the open sea. It had not been all that long ago that he, Grimgor and Tikki had been aboard the Society’s infamous Arcadian Mariner’s Lodge, also known as the Grinning Pixie. The Society’s only mobile lodge, the Grinning Pixie is a retrofitted merchant vessel that sails the western coast of Ovistan and Garundi investigating mysterious islands and searching the depths for Azlanti ruins. Jonas and his friends had been privileged to gain passage on the ship to the Isle of Jalmeray, where the Grinning Pixie was stopping to gain access to the records of the world-reknowned chroniclers of Niswan. It just so happened that Adril Hestram’s next mission was sending Jonas and his friends to the other port city on Jalmeray, Padiskar.

For most of the journey over the Inner Sea, Tikki had been secluding herself in the bunk they all shared, while Grimgor kept himself occupied either courting or infuriating the captain of the Pixie Calisro Benarry, sometimes seeming to do both at once. She’s a powerfully built half-orc who hails from the Sodden Lands, she was once a pirate of some reknown before joining the Society, and her reputation is part of the infamy associated with the Grinning Pixie. Jonas, in the meantime, spent as much time as he could in the crow’s nest, losing himself in the winds and waves of Gozreh, hearing his divine song through all the sounds of life and the unbridled forces of nature surrounding them. He had been the first to sight the Kingdom of the Impossible, during one of his communings atop the main mast. When he first saw it, he recalled Adril Hestram’s words to them when they recieved this quest.

“I’m glad you all came here so quickly. There has been trouble at one of our ancilliary lodges, and the Venture-Captain there needs outside help. A bandit lord on the Isle of Jalmeray has been raiding our caravans and dig sites near the city of Padiskar. He has been unusually successful, so much so that the Venture-Captain in Padiskar, Aamina Shahrazad, began to suspect a traitor withing the lodge there. In her last missive to us, she indicated that there had been evidence uncovered of the Aspis Consortium involvement. That was the last we heard from her before her murder by the bandits. We need you to go there and help the new Venture-Captain of Padiskar Vasuman Mihir root out the traitor and end the bandit attacks. Since the Grinning Pixie is already headed to Niswan, they’ll be takig you to Padiskar. Good luck, and see tht justice is done.”



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